Spice of Life Herbs

What is a Reiki Circle?


If you're interested in finding out more about Reiki, why not attend one of our Reiki Circles. These are usually held at 6:30 pm one Saturday per month. Check our calendar to find out the date of our next circle.

The attendees sit in a circle to participate in a guided meditation to help ground and center.  Once the group has grounded and centered, they will begin sending Reiki to anybody named in the circle, to special needs of the community or world, to friends and relatives, to events, to the earth, to special goals etc (if you are not a Reiki Practioner, you will send prayerful energy). 

This will be followed by a Reiki exchange between the attendees. If you are not a Reiki practioner, you can still be a recipient of some Reiki energy to learn what it feels like.

This will be followed by light refreshments such as water, tea, cookies, crackers, etc. to help ground you after the energy work.