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Learning Reiki


Everybody has the ability to perform Reiki on themselves and others. All that is needed is a Reiki attunement from a Reiki Master. A Reiki attunement is a sacred ceremony that opens your spiritual heart to become a channel of the higher frequencies of light and love.

Many people want to learn Reiki to enhance their own health and well-being. The true essence of Reiki is that of self-development because when practiced with devotion and commitment Reiki effects every aspect of one's being and life. However, after being attuned to Reiki, many poeple find that an added benefit of learning Reiki is the blessing of sharing it with others. They not only help others by offering them Reiki, but at the same time they are receiving Reiki themselves as it flows through them to their client. Becoming a Reiki Practioner can be a very fulfilling, lucrative career.

We teach three levels of Reiki:

Level One Reiki Class

The Level I Reiki Class intruduces the you to exercises and meditations to incoroporate into the daily practice of Reiki for your self-development. Techniques for hands-on Reiki sessions for yourself and others is practiced. The Level I Reiki Attunement is the beginning of a journey that will bring you joy, peace and wholeness. It will bring you in resonance with Universal Light and Love. Once attuned, the Reiki energy will always be with you. As you spend more and more time offering Reiki, to yourself and to others; you will feel the Reiki energy flow grow and become stronger. As this happens, you will see remarkable changes in yourself and in your life.

The Level I Reiki Class is a learning level class comprised of the following: 

Class will cover the following topics and activiites
        • the history of Reiki
        • the Reiki Precepts
        • hand exercises
        • Gassho
        • Meditation
        • the cleansing period
        • setting of Intention
        • Reiki Hand Positions
Level I Reiki Attunements
Level I Reiki Certificate

The of the Level I Class is $125.00 ($100.00 for 60 years or older)

Level Two Reiki Class 

 In the Level Two Reiki class you will be attuned to energy of three sacred Reiki symbols.  Attunement enables the you to offer Reiki through distance, time and space. You will work with the energy of the three sacred Reiki symbols to help strengthen the flow of Reiki energy to and from you.

Pre-requisite: Certificate of Completion in Level One Reiki

The Level Two Reiki Class is comprised of the following:

Class will include the following topics and actiivites:

  • Defining of Reiki Energy
  • Overview of Level Two Reiki
  • Reiki Symbol I (meditation & chant)
  • Reiki Symbol II (meditaiton & chant)
  • Reiki Symbol III (meditation & chant)
  • Distance Reiki Techniques
  • Scanning
  • Reiki and Intuition

Level Two Reiki Attunement

Level Two Reiki Certificate

The cost of the Level Two Reiki Class s $200.00 (or $175.00 for students who have completed their Level 1 training at Spice of Life Herbs)

Level Three Reki Master Class

The Reiki Master Class enables the student to give attunements and teach Reiki to others. The student is attuned to three addtional Reiki symbols which further strengthen the flow of Reiki energy to and from the student.

Pre-requisite: Certificates of Completion in Levels One and Two Reiki. Completed Master Class application must be submitted and approved for admission to the class. Approved applicants will be asked to give a hands-on and a distance Reiki session to one of the instructors.

The Master Level Class is comprised of the following:

Class Manual covering the following topics:

  • Reiki Master Symbols
  • Hands On Attunement Process
  • Distance Attunements
  • Healing Attunements
  • Aura Clearing
  • Self-Attunements
  • Teaching Reiki

Master Level Attunement

Master Level Certificate

The cost of the Reiki Master Class is $300.00 (or $275.00 if you received your certificates of completion in Levels One and Two Reiki from Spice of Life Herbs)

Classes can be done by hands-on or by distance. Call us at 386-734-0035 or email us at info@spiceoflifeherbs.net to schedule a date and time.